About B2 and Brave

B2 and Brave are brothers now living in Santa Clarita, CA after trying out Chicago, DC, Atlanta, Indy, Detroit, and even Hollywood! They love having fun with friends and family, but the last two years have made that pretty tough to do :-( 

So, in true "ebroji" style, the bros have gone digital to connect with kids and families all around the world through music, dance, and learning.

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This website is managed by B2 and Brave's parents Brandon and Margaret Williamson, owners of PRSVR; The Designer Brand.

Do The Dash - The Dance

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Got the moves down? Now head over to your favorite social media platform and show them off! Be sure to use #wedothedash and tag @b2andbrave for your chance to win a PRSVR prize package valued over $200!!

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