Dynamic Kids-Duo, B2 & BRAVE Are Music's Next Big Thing! by: PANDAS AND SMOKE

Dynamic Kids-Duo, B2 & BRAVE Are Music's Next Big Thing! by: PANDAS AND SMOKE

B2 & BRAVE are the next big thing in music! They are a Kids group, of two brothers who are ready and eager to become superstars. Their new visual for their break out single "Do The Dash" launches them in the right direction. The track was inspired by pure confidence. Confidence stemming from witnessing the large amount of bullying occurring in some cities and how we should better equip our kids with some self-confidence. An observation which led to the track "Do The Dash." Music mogul Damon Dash was another big inspiration for the track, due to his eagerness to fight for artists rights.

B2 and Brave's Family

"Do The Dash" was produced by The Curator, who just so happens to also be the duo’s father. His son’s have been showing potential in music as early as the age of two, now with a few years under their belts they took it to the studio and cooked up what could be one of the biggest singles this coming year. The bouncing 808 knocks hard, B2 spits on the track claiming his leadership of the new swag with his brother in arms. BRAVE the younger of the two raps about their hometown Chicago and gives a shoutout to their new home LA, whilst both young the duo have a lot of swag and a talent for music. It's apparent this dynamic duo will have a longevity in the music industry. Stream "Do The Dash" available now on all digital streaming services.


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