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B2 and Brave are brothers, and partners when it comes to their creative visions. Published models, actors, and karate students, the boys have now taken their talents to the stage by releasing music. Download and stream their new music HERE.

5 Day Summer Camp

Hip Hop Rap Camp is an immersive experience hosted by B2 and Brave and PRSVR Music. Campers dive into the science of rap music and learn how to deliver a story with confidence, annunciation, and character - ending the camp with a LIVE performance! 

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  • You Can't B2 Much

    Media shows us that if you want to be athletic, then you can't also be smart. Or that if you are kind, you can't also be cool. WE BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN NEVER B2 KIND, or B2 COOL, or B2 SMART!

  • When One Wins, We All Win

    My older brother tends to be a bit faster than me, but instead of getting mad every time he wins, we find ways to work together to improve our times because when one wins, we all win!

  • Drills Make Skillz

    I have learned that my mind is the strongest part of my body, and if I can think my way to the finish line then I can definitely run my way there, too.


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